Effective January 3, 2012, we will no longer accept new administrative services clients. We've made this difficult decision in order to focus on our mortgage online marketing services (SEO, social media, web content development, email marketing, etc.) Thank you for your support.

Do you agree with this statement?

How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money. Money mistakes can be corrected, but time is gone forever. .
David Norris

Mortgage Professional:

  • Is busywork keeping you from growing your business?

  • Are you wasting time on non-revenue generating tasks?

  • Are you stuck in the rabbit hutch of wanting to increase revenue, but you can't get it all done?

  • Do you just need some help, without the hassle of bringing in a business partner or full-time employee?
Then our Mortgage Administrative Services may be for you!

Let's face it -- When you visualized yourself working in this business you saw yourself collecting applications and attending closings. You did not see yourself keying information into databases, answering emails, completing broker applications, and being tied up in minutia. Yes, these things have to be done, but you don't have to do them!

Benefits of mortgage virtual assistants

Unlike employees and "one size fits all" kits, we have to keep producing in order to keep your business. Since we don't have contracts with our clients, we know we have to provide a return on investment in order to keep the relationship.

An intangible benefit: people treat you differently when you have an assistant. I have seen this happen time and time again with my clients. A competent, professional assistant reflects well on your business.

The freedom to focus on revenue generating tasks. Did you get into the mortgage business to complete broker packages or close loans?

Since we have mortgage industry experience, we can hit the ground running.

We appreciate the effect regulations have on your mortgage business. While we are not attorneys, we know enough about the effect regulations have on your business to make sure that the marketing and advertising strategies we suggest do not put you in hot water.

You only pay for the time we spend on task. You aren't responsible for payroll, computers, training, office space, sick time or software.

But don't take our word for it.

Here's what other entrepreneurs say about working with a virtual administrative assistant.

Greatly freed me up to do more client consultations, and thus make more money.

I throw something on the fax or email and she takes care of it and I can forget about it.

Freedom from handling every detail myself.

More focus and clarity on what's important for me and my business.

Time to concentrate on more important things.

More money.

I get to do what I enjoy.
Additional testimonials

For additional testimonials, please visit our testimonials page by clicking here.

How to you determine which tasks to assign to an administrator?

That's the easy part.

Simply make a list of the tasks that must be done but
  • are not directly tied to generating revenue,
  • are not in your area of expertise, or
  • are draining your energy.
Here are some ways mortgage virtual assistants can help you increase your production.
  1. Research lenders to fill your niche.
  2. Complete broker packages.
  3. Prepare PowerPoint presentations.
  4. Verify and update your database.
  5. Handle your email.
  6. Set up an autoresponder to respond to those leads.
  7. Conduct research to help you choose the best website for your business.
  8. Conduct follow-up surveys after your closings.
  9. Send out postcards and birthday cards.
  10. Design ads for your local home-finder magazine.
  11. Shop for your computer hardware and software.
  12. Coordinate, facilitate and publicize your homebuyer workshops.
  13. Organize your filing system. Just throw your papers in boxes and forget about it. We'll arrange for a service to pick up the boxes and ship them to our office. We will create hanging and manila file folders, and ship the files back to you. All you do is put them in the filing cabinet.
  14. Prepare your reports.
  15. Create forms and checklists.
  16. . . . and so much more

Please note that our ability to fulfill some of these services will vary by state, based on regulations.

So, what does it cost?

Since we specialize in this industry, you don't have to pay for us to come up to speed.

In an increasingly regulated environment, working with someone who does not understand the business will cost you. Making mistakes on something as simple as a flyer can cost you thousands of dollars. All of our virtual assistants have mortgage industry experience, as Processors, Coordinators, Underwriters or Originators.

There is no commitment. This is a month-to-month contract.

Our goal is to provide personal, customized services to a select group of mortgage professionals who are serious about growing their business to the next level.

We charge by the project or the hour, and most packages start at $400 per month. Our average is $750 per month. Whether you compare it to average proceeds from closing one loan (ROI), or the cost of hiring an assistant, it makes financial sense to outsource your administrative services.

Wondering about our process?

It's simple, really. You contact us, and we'll send you a client questionnaire and schedule an initial consultation. The questionnaire and consultation help us get to know your business, and put together a list of projects we will complete on your behalf. If we agree to work together, you choose your package or level of service. We send you a simple month-to-month agreement, and get started.

If our fees are not in your budget, you may want to take a look at our mortgage email marketing or tips brochures.

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