Need to Attract Quality Internet Mortgage Leads?

Imagine this: instead of chasing leads that won't commit, and spending thousands of dollars on mortgage lead generation systems that simply don't work long term, people who are ready to buy or refinance find you instead.

Why this works. Over 75% of people looking for a mortgage start their search online. By optimizing your mortgage website for search engines, your website becomes a tool you can use to attract high quality mortgage leads.

Our flat fee, affordable mortgage Internet marketing packages include keyword research so that you can target the keywords that bring leads to your website.

The Budget Mortgage Internet Lead Generation Package Includes:

  • 1 hour initial consultation:
    The purpose of this consultation is to learn more about your mortgage business, so that we can pursue a search engine marketing strategy that works best to attract high quality leads to your web site.
  • Keyword Research
    Any effective mortgage online marketing strategy relies on selecting the right keywords. We follow our 4-step keyword research process to determine 5-6 keywords that (a) fit your business, (b) will increase web site traffic from prospects in your target market and (c) have minimal competition.
  • Keyword Popularity Research Report
    We will provide you with a written report that includes the keywords, as well as an estimate of the number of people who search for your keyword each month.
  • Website Roadblock Identification
    All the high paying keywords in the world won't help if your website contains elements that block it from being seen by the search engines. We will analyze your website to find out if there are any items that are blocking your website from ranking highly in the search engines.
  • Inbound Link Analysis
    Inbound links is another important component of successful organic search engine optimization. We show which sites link to yours.
  • Baseline Keyword Research Report
    Our baseline keyword research report shows where you rank today for the suggested keywords. This gives you a base point you can use to chart improvement.

  • Fee: $199
    Order your Budget Mortgage Internet Lead Generation Package now.

The Professional Mortgage Internet Lead Generation Package Includes:

  • Everything in the Budget Package
  • Landing Page Suggestion:
    Landing pages are a key (but often ignored) element in converting website visitors to warm leads or clients. We suggest a landing page for each of your major keywords, and a call to action to, at the very least, persuade visitors to provide their contact information so that you can add them to your prospect list.
  • Meta Tag Suggestions:
    We use the keywords we've selected to suggest title and description tags you should use on the top pages on your website.
  • Competitive Analysis Report:
    Identifies your top Search Engine competitors - these are the companies in your industry that already rank high for one or more of your keywords. Please note: your top Search Engine competitors may be different from your top business competitors.
  • Fee: $269
    Order your Professional Mortgage Internet Lead Generation Package now.

The Premium Mortgage Internet Lead Generation Package

  • Everything in the Professional Package
  • A 1-hour Search Engine Marketing Coaching Consultation to discuss the findings, explain recommendations, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Mortgage Online Marketing Plan:
    Our online marketing plan focuses on organic, natural search engine marketing methods in order to increase your chances of achieving and maintaining prominent placement on the search engines over a long period of time. This report will be
    • Customized to your business.
      This report will be specific to your business goals and marketing niche. In other words, the recommendations that work for your may not work for someone else, even if you are both in the same industry.
    • Recommendations the report may include:
      • Keyword rich articles you should write and submit to attract more traffic to your website.
      • Content pages you should add to your website.
      • Websites with lots of "go-og-le juice" where you need to have a presence (this could be through free methods or a paid listing).
      • Blogging ideas,
      • Social communities that you may wish to join in order to meet your target market on and off-line.
  • Fee: $399
    Order your Premium Mortgage Internet Lead Generation Package now.

The Next Steps:

Once you select and pay for our package, we will contact you to schedule your initial consultation. Due to the amount of research involved, the process usually takes a month.

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